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Mobile device loan agreement

This agreement covers the use of St Mary’s University owned mobile devices. The IT policy also applies to mobile device usage.

  • You are responsible for the security and use of the mobile device issued to you and you are expected to take reasonable steps to protect the device and its data from theft, damage, misuse or confidentiality breaches. This responsibility applies at all times irrespective of whether at home or elsewhere. 
  • Users must report all lost or stolen devices the IT department  immediately. 
  • Users must report all damage to the IT department as soon as possible. 
  • Only licensed software from official sources may be installed.
  • Your issued device should be protected by PIN or password as appropriate and locked when not in use.
  • We recommend storing data on your St Mary's OneDrive. Data stored on the local disk is at higher risk of corruption or loss through local disk failure.
  • The user is responsible for the backup of their own personal data.
  • Users dealing with sensitive data should take additional care to protect it from unlawful loss or compromise.
  • Do not use the device for offensive, inappropriate or unlawful purposes (see the Acceptable Use Policy below  for full details).
  • Do not allow family members or friends to use your University issued mobile device.
  • Users must not in any way cause any form of damage to St Mary’s University wireless network facilities or any of the associated services. St Mary’s University takes violation of this agreement very seriously. Usage is monitored and St Mary’s University retains the right to remove access privileges and refer offenders to the appropriateT authorities.
  • All Mobile devices must be returned to St Mary’s University IT department if faulty, suffered accidental damage and at the end of your loan period. The device will be re-formatted before re-distribution to another St Mary’s University user.