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Dictionaries in Examinations Procedure 2023/24

Last updated: August 2023. Review date: August 2024

Examination Regulations permit the use of translation dictionaries in examinations. Translation dictionaries must be from one language to English or from English to one language only.

Only simple, generic translation dictionaries will be approved. Before purchasing, please bear in mind that dictionaries that include the following will not be approved for use in examinations:

  • subject-specific dictionaries
  • encyclopaedias
  • thesauruses
  • synonyms
  • images, graphs, or charts
  • maps
  • measurements
  • technical data
  • dictionaries borrowed from the Library.

You may have more than one dictionary approved, but you may only take one into an examination. All dictionaries will be approved on an individual basis.

Checking your dictionary

Approval for dictionaries must be obtained from the Registry on the 1st Floor of J Building at least one week prior to the first day of the respective examination period.

Once approved, a member of Registry staff will stamp the internal front cover of your dictionary and hold a central record.

You must ensure the stamp is visible for invigilators to check upon request during all future examinations.

Once approved, you may use your dictionary in all future examinations St Mary’s University, providing the approved stamp remains. Any new dictionary must go through the approval process again.

You must ensure that your dictionary is not annotated in any way or includes additional pieces of paper.

All approved dictionaries must be presented to an invigilator for checking before the start of every examination.

If academic misconduct is suspected, you will be subject to the University’s academic misconduct regulations and subsequent penalties.

Do not use borrowed dictionaries in examinations, as you will be held responsible if any fraudulent material is identified.

Appendix A - Student Application Form

Student Application Form - Use of Dictionary in Examinations 2023/24

This form should be used by students wishing to use a dictionary in their examinations. Please complete all sections of the form and submit to the Registry for approval.

Download the form (word)