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Statement to Students on External Examiners and External Examiner Reports

It is important to have assurance that your degree is of the same standard as degrees awarded for similar courses by other universities.  One of the ways in which all universities assure themselves that UK degree standards are met is by using an External Examiner. 

An External Examiner is generally an experienced lecturer from another university who offers an independent view on whether the work of students on the course is of the correct standard.  The External Examiner does this by looking at a sample of work (e.g. assignments, examination answers, and dissertations), discussing the work with lecturers and attending the Examination Board that endorses results.  The External Examiner produces an annual report which tells the University about any concerns or good practice that they have identified.  The External Examiners’ reports are made available to programme and school student representatives.  They are also made available to all students on the course via MyModules, along with the response made by the programme team to the report.  You will also be able to give your own feedback on the External Examiner report.

If you want more information on how to access the external examiner report for your course please contact your Course Lead.

SU Education President
Head of Registry Services