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Read the latest blog posts from the ReflectED Journal of Education at St Mary's University.

Inspiring teachers: the power of professional learning

Professor Anna Lise Gordon, School of Education at St Mary’s University, shares insights into how professional learning can inspire teachers at any stage of their careers.

An anti-prejudice pedagogy: supporting diversification and decolonisation within the English curriculum

In an effort to ensure authentic EDI strategy in the English classroom, English consultant Laura Mistry shares the reasons behind her creation of a new anti-prejudice pedagogy.

Trials, tribulations, and silver linings from the pandemic: The impact on a school-based action research study

Over four years ago, I embarked on mixed methods action research to explore how parent teacher meetings could be reengineered to become part of an enhanced inclusive approach to educational engagement.

Heidegger in Lockdown - from 'mastery' to 'disclosure'

"L’état, c'est moi," said Louis XIV – perhaps – equating the State with himself. The Headteacher, too, similarly encapsulates the identity of the school exercising mastery and ‘border control’ over learning...