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The Research Centre for Applied Performance Sciences (CAPS) will utilise the expertise and strengths of our staff in conducting performance-based research.

Staff within the Faculty of Sport, Technology and Health Sciences have a rich history of engaging in excellent performance-based research in sporting contexts. This research centre will continue to nurture and support this ongoing excellence.

However, a key strategic aim of this research centre will be to broaden the focus of our performance-based research by using sport as a vehicle to generate knowledge and understanding that can be applied to inform and enhance performance in broader contexts such as industry, business, medicine, military, and law enforcement. In doing so, this will enhance the significance of the research that we undertake and broaden its application and appeal. 

The Research Centre for Applied Performance Sciences is inclusive of all disciplines and is structured in such a way that research is organised to address key strategic themes. These research themes capture our existing strengths, but also identify areas of strategic development. A key feature of these research themes is that they are focused on promoting collaboration and interdisciplinary research. 

The overarching aim of this research centre is to promote and engage in research that enhances our understanding of, and capability to improve, performance effectiveness and efficiency in all aspects. 

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CAPS welcomes enquiries from high-quality candidates interested in undertaking projects in our research areas for MRes, PhD or postdoctoral work. Contact Dr Stephen Patterson for enquiries:

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