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Framed and informed by the 2030 United Nations agenda for sustainable development, the vision of our research at the Centre for Applied Social and Health Sciences is to bring diverse communities together to network, share knowledge, collaborate, lobby, and foster supportive relationships.

In doing so, it produces, promotes, and advances transformative research that addresses health and social inequalities to ensure just and inclusive societies that enable all human beings to fulfil their potential. Our centre has four research themes:

Centre Director: Ross Wadey.


After the World War II, the United Nations was founded on the 24th October 1945. Enshrined in its charter was the fact that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Yet, across the globe, inequalities remain. Our research centre is driven and devoted to produce, promote, and advance transformative research that addresses these inequalities to ensure just and inclusive societies.


We strive to provide a forum for networking, sharing knowledge, collaboration, lobbying, and building and sustaining supportive relationships; produce and promote timely and rigorous applied social and health research that holds significance with our collaborators; and work with our collaborators to advance how we attain and sustain transformational research that is meaningful and impactful.


Our philosophy is to work “with them, for them”. At the heart of our strategy is collaboration. After all, “Generative ideas emerge from joint thinking, from significant conversations, and from sustained, shared struggles to achieve new insights by partners in thought” (Kenneth J Gergen).


Although we are based in London, we work with local, national, and international public, private, and third sector bodies. Our collaborations include various professions: National Health Service (NHS), UK Sports Institutes, Military organisations, and various leading charities (e.g., Waterloo Foundation, GUPS Foundation, Age UK, BLESMA, LimbPower)

Join us 

If you’d like to collaborate with us, attend our regular research meetings and professional development sessions, visit the University, for us to visit you, or to join our ever-expanding team of postgraduate students to study for a MPhil or PhD, please do get in touch with the Centre Director, and the Research Theme Leads.