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Allan Simmons Prof Allan H Simmons

Prof Allan H Simmons is one of the world’s leading authorities on the works of Joseph Conrad. 

His most recent publications include An Outcast of the Islands (2016) and The Nigger of the ‘Narcissus’ (2017) for The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Joseph ConradConrad in Context (Cambridge, 2009), Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’: A Reader’s Guide (Continuum, 2008) Joseph Conrad (Palgrave, 2007), an edition of Conrad’s Lord Jim for Penguin (2008) and Joseph Conrad: Contemporary Reviews vol. i (Cambridge). He is currently co-editing Heart of Darkness for Cambridge. He is Advisory Editor of The Conradian: The Journal of the Joseph Conrad Society (UK) and he is also the co-General Editor of the Conrad Studies series (published by Brill).

He has served as co-general Editor of The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Joseph Conrad since 2008, initially with Dr J. H. Stape (until 2016) and currently with Dr Alexandre Fachard (Université de Genève). In this capacity, he has already overseen the publication of a dozen volumes to the highest standards of modern textual scholarship.

In addition to supervising doctoral students, Prof Simmons teaches modules on Modern Literature in English, Twentieth Century Literature and American Literature.

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Tel: 020 8240 4126 

Dr J H Stape

Dr J H Stape was a Joseph Conrad scholar of international standing. Author of The Several Lives of Joseph Conrad (Heinemann; Knopf; Doubleday Canada, 2007), he served as co-General Editor, with Professor Allan H. Simmons, of The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Joseph Conrad for which he co-edited Notes on Life and Letters (2004), A Personal Record (2008), Last Essays (2010), Lord Jim (2011), Tales of Unrest (2012), The Shadow-Line (2013), Victory (2017) and The Rover (forthcoming 2018).

His Conrad activities included editing The Cambridge Companion to Joseph Conrad (1996) and The New Cambridge Companion to Joseph Conrad (2015), and co-editing Volumes 7 and 9 (2007 and 2009) of the Cambridge Collected Letters of Joseph Conrad. A Contributing Editor of The Conradian: The Journal of the Joseph Conrad Society (UK), he was also the co-General Editor of the Conrad Studies series (Rodopi of Amsterdam). He was general editor of Conrad for Penguin Books (2007), to which he contributed an edition of Typhoon and Other Stories.

Dr Stape taught at universities in Canada, France, England and the Far East, and has also published on E M Forster, William Golding, Thomas Hardy, Frank Harris, Angus Wilson and Virginia Woolf.

He died in July 2016, shortly after the publication of the magisterial Victory volume, which he had co-edited for the Cambridge Edition.

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kim-salmonsDr Kim Salmons

Dr Kim Salmons gained her PhD from St Mary’s (University of Surrey) in 2015 on ‘The Representation of Food in Modern Literature: Thomas Hardy and Joseph Conrad’ and has published and spoken widely on the subject of food in literature. She is the Associate Director for Research and Enterprise in the Faculty of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences.

In 2017, Dr Salmons released 'Food in the Novels of Joseph Conrad: Eating as Narrative'. This monograph provides a detailed historical contextualisation of food and food related events that correspond with and form the sociological, political and anthropological basis of Conrad’s work. Her latest paper, ‘“Without Phosphorus there is no thought”: The Importance of a Good Diet in “Amy Foster”’ was presented at the 2018 Joseph Conrad International Conference at Writtle University College. She is currently co-editing a volume of collected essays on Conrad and Migration in collaboration with Professor Tania Zulli of Chieti University, Italy. 

Dr Salmons is the Conference Secretary for the Joseph Conrad Society (UK) and the Book Review Editor for Joseph Conrad Today, the journal of the Joseph Conrad Society of America. She also assisted on the New Cambridge Companion to Joseph Conrad, edited by J. H. Stape (2015).

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Tel: 020 8240 4199

Dr Mary Burgoyne

Dr Mary Burgoyne studied as both an undergraduate and post-graduate at St Mary’s University. In 2016 she successfully defended her PhD thesis on the publication contexts of Joseph Conrad’s shorter fiction, and has been publishing her research on various aspects of Conrad since 2007. She is additionally an officer of the Joseph Conrad Society (UK), and manager of the Society’s website.

Dr Burgoyne has been associated for many years with the Cambridge Edition of the Works of Joseph Conrad, and with the work of the St Mary’s Centre for Joseph Conrad Studies. She assisted on the Cambridge Edition of Conrad’s Last Essays (2010) and co-edited Joseph Conrad: The Contemporary Reviews (Vol. IV; 2012). Currently, she is co-editing with Prof Allan Simmons, the first collection of correspondence by Conrad’s wife, Jessie (Cambridge, 2019).

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