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ORCID iD is a unique identifier which ensures that your work can be accurately and consistently attributed to you. It can be added to your research outputs as a standard piece of descriptive metadata, just as your name and institution are.

Having an ORCID iD is beneficial to both researchers and institutions, which is why over two million ORCID iDs have been registered. iDs are also becoming embedded into the worksflows of research, as Wellcome Trust already require researchers applying for funds to include their ORCID iD. UKRI and others are looking at working more closely with ORCID to more allow a more simple way to report on compliance with their conditions.


Why get an ORCID iD?

  • An ORCID iD moves with you across institutions, ensuring continuity of identity across your career
  • You can more easily report on your work to funders, publishers and institutions
  • Many of your academic peers across the national an international communities already have an ORCID iD
  • ORCID is a community-driven project, open to all researchers in any discipline and at any career stage
  • RCUK may well intergrate ORCID in their systems in the future, as Wellcome Trust already have

How to get an ORCID iD

Anyone can sign up for an ORCID iD, for free, in just a few minutes!