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Dr Mary Burgoyne

Visiting Fellow

Tel: 020 8240

About Research


Dr Mary Burgoyne is a Visiting Fellow in the St Mary’s University Centre for Joseph Conrad Studies.


Edited volumes

  • The Letters of Jessie Conrad, ed. with Allan H. Simmons (CUP forthcoming).
  • Joseph Conrad: A Bibliography (updated from William R. Cagle, 1972), ed. with John G. Peters (CUP forthcoming).
  • Joseph Conrad: Contemporary Reviews, Vol. 4., ed. with Katherine Baxter. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012.
  • Joseph Conrad. Last Essays, ed. Harold Ray Stevens and J. H. Stape, assisted with A. Fachard. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010. Awarded the Seal of the Committee on Scholarly Editions, Modern Language Association of America.

Book chapter

  • Conrad among the Anarchists: Documents on Martial Bourdin and the Greenwich Bombing in The Secret Agent: Centennial Essays, Allan H. Simmons and J. H. Stape. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2007: 147-185.

Journal Articles

  • Conrad to Wilfred G. Partington: A New Letter of 1923. The Conradian 45.1(Spring 2020): 128-135.
  • The First Serial Appearance of "The Brute.” Conradiana, vol. 48 no. 1 (Spring 2016 [2019]): 65-75.
  • ‘And then he came!’: Newsreel Footage of Conrad’s 1923 Arrival in America. The Conradian 2 (Autumn 2017): 55-63.
  • Two Unpublished Conrad Letters from October 1917. The Conradian 2 (Autumn 2016): 79-83.
  • Two Unpublished Conrad Letters and Two Unpublished Notes: 1898–1923,’ with M. Abidor. The Conradian 1 (Spring 2015): 121-129.
  • ‘Writing Man to Fighting Man’: Conrad Republished for the Armed Services during the World Wars. The Conradian 1 (Spring 2013): 99-127.
  • Conrad to Peter F. Somerville: A New Letter of 1919. The Conradian 1 (Spring 2013): 170-171.
  • ‘These ignorant and bumptious reviewers’: F. J. Furnivall in Defence of Conrad. The Conradian 2 (Autumn 2010): 121-126.
  • Conrad and Advertising: The ‘spell of such emphasis’ The Conradian 2 (Autumn 2009): 110-122.
  • Conrad's Last Letter: To Sir Sidney Colvin. The Conradian 2(Autumn 2008): 102-117.
  • Conrad Among the Anarchists: Documents on Martial Bourdin and the Greenwich Bombing. The Conradian, 32:1, Allan H. Simmons and J. H. Stape. The Conradian 32.3 (Autumn 2007): 147-185.

Conference papers

  • ‘Author and the Cinematograph’: New Light on Conrad’s Visit to the United States in 1923. The 43rd Annual Conference of the Joseph Conrad Society (UK) London, July 2017.
  • ‘Homecoming: Joseph Conrad and the Great War.’ Joseph Conrad Study Day at the British Library, March 2017.
  • ‘Textual Editing and the Common Reader’. St. Mary’s University Conrad Colloquia on Textual Studies: Colloquium 3, October 2012. 


  • Martin Ray Joseph Conrad: Memories and Impressions: A Bibliography. (Rodopi, 2007). The Conradian Reviews, 2007: 1.


  • ‘Conrad’s Perfect Detonator,’ contributor, produced and presented by David Swatling, Radio Netherlands Worldwide, 2008.

Media enquiries

For media enquiries, please contact our Communications and Public Engagement Manager, Sam Yarnold, by emailling or calling 020 8240 8262.