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  • Location: Student Services Centre, J Building, 2nd Floor
  • Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
  • Tel: 020 8240 4353

Our dedicated Mental Health Advisors works with students who have a possible or actual mental health diagnosis, or who might experience emotional or psychological distress or personal difficulties during their time at university.

  • Discuss a student’s mental health and check in with them around their wellbeing
  • Support students to create a plan to help address their mental health needs
  • Possibly support students throughout their time at St Mary’s, if mental health concerns warrant this approach
  • Work with colleagues in the University to promote the wellbeing of students and to support the completion of their degree
  • Support the connection of students with primary and secondary services, including GPs, Mental Health professionals and Eating Disorder Specialists - either within the student's home town or with the Community Teams who operate within the University vicinity
  • Help students apply for Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA)

You can self-refer for counselling or mental health advice by compelting the Disability and Mental Health Referral Form on your phone or computer. 

This support is available throughout the year, except during the Christmas holiday closure period, bank holidays and weekends.

If you are currently struggling or experiencing a mental health crisis, please access support detailed below: