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St Mary's Work Placement & Internship Awards

Work Placement and Internship Awards

The St Mary’s Work Placement and Internship Awards is an annual event that recognises and rewards students who have participated in work-based/volunteering placements or internships as part of, or in addition to, their degree programme. The awards also recognise and reward the commitment and outstanding provision of the placement and internship providers.

Students can be nominated for an award by their placement/internship provider or by a member of St Mary’s staff. Shortlisted nominees receive a certificate and are invited to attend the online awards ceremony along with a representative from their placement/internship. Winning students receive a certificate and £100 Amazon gift voucher.

Students who feel they have had an outstanding experience during their placement/internship may also nominate their provider for an award. Shortlisted representatives are invited to the awards evening, along with the student who has nominated them.

Eligibility for an award is restricted to those participating in or providing work/volunteering placements or internships organised in conjunction with the University. All shortlisted nominees will be notified by email.

Award Categories - Work Placements:

Outstanding Performance on the Simulated Work Placement

This new award is for students who have completed a Simulated Work Placement. Students nominated for this award have fully embraced the simulated work placement learning experience, demonstrating engagement with the weekly tasks throughout the semester and the ability to produce high quality work within challenging timescales.

Professional Conduct

For any student who has demonstrated the highest level of professionalism throughout their placement by having high personal standards and a positive, professional approach to the role.

High Flyer

For any student who has performed above and beyond expectations and demonstrated ‘going the extra mile’ in addition to outstanding levels of performance, initiative and aptitude for the role.


For any student who has made a significant impact on the provider’s business through new initiatives/creativity, or who has helped to innovate through use of technology/problem-solving.


For any student who has maintained and demonstrated the highest standards of excellence for all areas of the placement, including professional competence and aptitude for the role.


For any student who has demonstrated significant understanding and fully embraced the values of their host organisation during their placement or internship.

Personal and Professional Growth

For any student who has demonstrated significant personal and/or professional growth and development throughout the course of their placement experience.

Outstanding Placement Provider Experience

For any placement provider nominated by a student for providing an outstanding placement opportunity with high levels of support to enhance and develop student skills and professional behaviours.

Outstanding Placement Provider

For any placement provider that has been nominated by St Mary’s staff for continuing to support and embrace St Mary’s students by providing multiple high-quality work placement opportunities.

Award Categories - Internships:

Intern of the Year

For any intern who has been a highly valued addition to the internship provider in demonstrating outstanding professional competence and ability to integrate themselves into the organisation and role.

Internship Provider of the Year

For any internship provider that has provided an outstanding opportunity for a student to develop themselves professionally throughout an internship, providing high levels of support and exceptional experience.

Award Categories - Volunteering:

Volunteer of the Year

For any student in a volunteering role who has demonstrated Generosity of Spirit, Respect, Inclusiveness and Excellence, in giving up their time to help others – a true representative of the St Mary’s values.

The Work Placement and Internship Awards take place in May 2022. For more information about the Work Placement and Internship Awards, please email