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PGCE bursaries and scholarships

If you are a UK or EU student joining the PGCE programme you may be eligible for a Government training bursary or scholarship.

The bursary/ scholarship amount is based on the highest previous qualification that you have attained to date. Only UK and EU students will be eligible for the training bursary.

View bursary values per subject

Students with an overseas degree will be eligible for a bursary if their degree is equivalent to a UK honours degree. If you are unsure about the equivalency of your degree, please email

These payments are not taxable, but might be included as part of your capital income if you receive state benefits. Contact your local benefits office to find out how this might affect your situation.

There is no application form eligible students only need to provide bank details.

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PGCE Scholarships

If you have been awarded PGCE training scholarship please email us copy of your approved award to

Please note: scholarships are awarded in place of a bursary.