Universities have a key role to play in the promotion and practice of sustainability with both the Government and HEFCE requiring that sustainability is incorporated into day-to-day activities as well as policies and procedures.

The importance we place on sustainability is acknowledged in the 2011-2016 Corporate Plan, which includes the planned action/responsibility to promote the adoption of policies and practices for social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

To move the sustainability agenda forward we have established a Sustainability Group.  Through the work of this group we hope to increase environmental awareness amongst staff and students to build a sustainable future for all.  Specific initiatives at St Mary’s are described in the St Mary's Environmental Statement and include:

  • Sustainable procurement policies
  • Increasing recycling across campus
  • Reducing our use of resources
  • Fairtrade university status

The campus map below features locations that are relevant to our sustainability strategy. You can also view the map in a larger format.


Entrances symbol Entrances Cardboard recycling symbol

Cardboard recycling point

Paper recycling symbol Paper recycling point Cycle parking symbol

Glass recycling point

Cycle parking symbol Cycle parking Parking spaces symbol

Parking spaces


Fairtrade products are sold in the University refectory, Dol.cHe Vita Cafe and Students' Union shop. Additionally, all internal and external meetings and residential conferences are supplied with Fairtrade tea and coffee.

The University participates in Fairtrade Fortnight annually.

Staff member and Fairtrade products