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Information about governance

The Board of Governors is responsible for the overall character and mission of St Mary's University and for the effective and efficient use of its resources.

The Articles of Association require that there are between 12 and 24 Governors as follows:

  • Ex-officio: the Chair (the Archbishop of Westminster or nominee), the Director of the Catholic Education Service or nominee, Vice-Chancellor
  • Up to six Independent Governors nominated by the Archbishop and appointed by the Board of Governors
  • Up to six Independent Governors nominated by the Catholic Education Service and appointed by the Board of Governors
  • Up to six Independent Governors co-opted by the Board of Governors
  • Three Governors from within the University: two Staff Governors and one Student Governor (the President of the Students' Union)

More information about the appointment of Governors and the Board's business is in the Regulations, the Scheme of Delegation and the Board's Handbook which are published below.

The Board of Governors operates under Articles approved by the Privy Council published below. The former University College was incorporated on 1st August 2007 as a company limited by guarantee. The University is a company (registration number 5977277) and a registered charity (registration number 1120192).


There are five committees of the Board of Governors:

This diagram shows the Committee structure of the University.

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Further information

The Annual Report, Financial Statements and minutes from the meetings of the Board of Governors can be found on the Corporate Information page.

For further information on the Board, including the Governors' Register of Interests may be obtained from the Clerk to the Governors: 020 8240 4190