'Promoting a Spirituality that Reconciles'

The 'return of religion' in the past few decades to public and political discourse demands a coherent and structured framework from the academic community within which current debates can be aired.

As the discourse of faith demands ever more urgent expression the scholarly community at St Mary's has decided that the interaction of faith, belief and public and political reconciliation needs to be expressed through a new resource available to the community at large.

On Monday 3rd March 2014 academics from InSpiRe launched three books:

  • Peter Tyler – Teresa of Avila: Doctor of the Soul
  • Stephen Bullivant – The Oxford Handbook of Atheism
  • Bridie Stringer – Baptising Babies and Clearing Gutters: A Fresh Appraisal of the Permanent Diaconate

A full list of publications written and edited by the InSpiRe academics can be found on the Staff Publications page.

Following recent visits from the International Office to Christ University, Bangalore, Dr Tyler was delighted to deliver the annual Canisius Endowment lectures at Dhararam Research Centre on Friday January 10th 2014. His theme was ‘A Future Clothed in Light: Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction’ and he developed the idea that both practices had at their heart a ‘Wittgensteinian choreography of saying and showing’.

He went so far as to argue that psychological language was a form of mystical language. The talks will be published by Christ University in June 2014 with the title ‘Picturing the Soul: Revisioning Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction’. Talking after the event, Dr Tyler said how pleased he was to be invited and looked forward to the two universities working closer together in the future.

For more information on Dr Tyler’s work you can follow his blog, Insoulpursuit.

On Tuesday 6th September 2016, guest speakers explored the phenomenon of the recent 'return of the soul' in religious, psychological and social-scientific discourse with reference to psychology, spirituality and art. 'The Soul Seminar' took place on campus at St Mary's University.