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The Bloomsbury Guide to Christian Spirituality is one of the 2014 winners of the Choice Outstanding Academic Titles award.

What is Christian Spirituality? How does it relate to non-Christian traditions? Where does it arise from and where is it going? These are some of the key questions addressed in this innovative new guide from Bloomsbury.

The Bloomsbury Guide to Christian Spirituality is written by foremost academics in their fields who distill their knowledge for a wide intelligent audience. They do this with huge skill and attention to the needs of modern readers. Appealing equally to those studying the tradition for religious formation or those wishing to acquaint themselves with this fascinating subject, this guide is destined to become an essential text in the field.



In recent years there has been an explosion of interest in Middle Eastern affairs. The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is a constant theme on television and in newspapers. The images of heavily armed soldiers facing young Palestinian children hurling stones - like Goliath facing David - have evoked dismay and consternation.

Throughout the world, anger has been expressed at the Jewish nation. Yet there is considerable misunderstanding about the origins and ideology of the Zionist movement and the transformation of these ideas into historical events.

This volume seeks to provide a concise and comprehensive guide to the development of the Zionism from its inception in the nineteenth century and the history of the Jewish state until the present day.

The Spanish Carmelite reformer, Teresa of Avila and the Austrian professor of logic, Ludwig Wittgenstein do not at first sight seem to be the most obvious of bed fellows. Yet, in this strikingly original work, Dr Peter Tyler argues that both were galvanised through their reading to 'see the world aright' by a radical form of writing known as 'mystical'.

As young adults both were in turmoil, loneliness and despair, yet found in this style of writing personal transformation, commitment and, most of all, engagement with the world. This new 'path to the heart', argues the author, is what makes their writing so powerful and transformational to this day.


Men celebrated by later generations normally achieve fame through their contribution to a particular area of human endeavour. San Juan de la Cruz (1542-91) achieved greatness on two counts; in the realm of spirituality, as a mystic; in literature, as a poet.

He stands at a high peak in the mystical tradition of the Christian west. The Mystical Doctor of The Roman Catholic Church, he is also regarded by many as one of the greatest lyrical poets that Spain has ever produced. To understand and explore his work, both sides of his achievement must be examined.

In this book, Peter Tyler shows how the roots of the Western mystical tradition go very deep and the discovery of Dionysius profoundly altered the direction of this tradition. Here is as clear an exposition as it is possible to find of the life and teachings of the diminutive Carmelite Friar whose influence has been so very profound.