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St Mary's University offers a variety of sholarships to International Students:

  GREAT Britain - India 2015 Scholarships (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)


Undergraduate scholarships available

  Undergraduate Students' Union Ambassador Scholarship


  Undergraduate Athletics Union Ambassador Scholarship


  Undergraduate Chaplaincy Scholarship


  Undergraduate New student 'Best Academic Result' Scholarship


  Undergraduate Year One to Year Two Progression: 'Best Academic Result' Scholarship


  Undergraduate Year two to Year three Progression: 'Best Academic Result' Scholarship


Postgraduate scholarships available

  Progressing Undergraduate or Postgraduate Scholarships


  Progressing Undergraduate Outstanding Academic Achievement Scholarship


  Returning Alumni Scholarship


  Academic Excellence in First / Postgraduate Degree (external applicant) Scholarship


  Postgraduate Mission-related Scholarships


Please note: Applications will need to be submitted by 31st May 2015