“As a first year student living in Cronin, I have had such an amazing time living in halls so far this year. It is a great chance to meet and get to know new people from other courses that truly become friends for life. There is such a buzz around the university and living in halls means you don't miss a moment of this.

There is a laid back atmosphere with a real sense of community when you see everyone eating dinner together in the ref. Meals are all included, so the student life is made easy. Everything is on hand and living in halls means you are close to all lectures and resources. It also gives you the opportunity to get involved in other activities outside of your degree course such as sports teams or other social groups.

St Mary's is a small and friendly environment, and the people along your corridor soon become like your very own University family. We have had so much fun, however there is always that time to just chill in your room with your friends and watch a DVD.”
Yvonne O'Hara

Christopher White“Living in halls was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. It allowed me to become more independent, as well as helping me settle relatively quickly into university life. I also made lots of new friends quicker than I would have done had I not lived in halls.”
Christopher White

Jade-Lianne Wicking"Having lived in halls during my first year and now being a Senior Resident in my third year, I have nothing but positive things to say about living in halls.
Yes, there are the normal disagreements as people get used to each other, but once those are dealt with your fellow residents become like a second family. It's highly likely that you'll live with friends from halls when the time comes to move off campus."
Jade-Lianne Wicking

Jonathan James“Living in halls is brilliant as you really get to sample the true university lifestyle. You have to fend for yourself, but it gives you a good sense of independence. Everyone helps each other out, so if you don't understand part of your coursework the likelihood is that someone in your halls is on your course or a similar one so they can help you. If you get the chance to live in halls you should definitely do it as it's great fun.”
Jonathan James

Natalie Wilkinson“Halls in my first year was a great experience as I got to know so many people and always had such a laugh. I felt very safe, and some of the people I met in halls I now count as my best friends.  I'll never forget the good times I had there.”
Natalie Wilkinson

Abigail Pukaniuk"I lived in Wiseman Halls and it was a memorable experience. I had both good times and bad times, but I think staying in halls is definitely the best thing to do in your first year as it's a great way of making friends outside your course."
Abigail Pukaniuk 

Christopher Hall“The experience of living in halls is brilliant, the friends you meet there are friends you'll have for the rest of your life. Just make sure you strike a good balance between work and play!”
Christopher Hall