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The Learning Support Environment theme of the St Mary's Learning and Teaching Strategy focuses on:

  • Empowering our students: greater involvement in evaluation and enhancement of programmes at all levels, including Foundation Year, Undergraduate, Masters and Postgraduate research students.
  • Empowering our academic and learning support staff: through enhanced continued professional development, bespoke training on digital topics, access to digital content, and alignment with career pathways and promotions processes.
  • Exceptional student learning support: improved central support for students, and enhanced training so they can leverage maximum value from key digital tools and platforms.
  • Inclusivity: Providing inclusive access and increased options for students to gain professional experience both inside and outside the University.
  • Learning spaces: Transformation of our learning spaces so that they support greater flexibility in delivery and more inclusive pedagogies.
  • Student mentoring: Creation of ‘student mentoring hub’ and diversification of mentoring schemes/opportunities for all students, including Foundation Year, Undergraduate, Masters and Post-graduate research students.
  • Wellbeing: Enhanced support for student mental wellbeing ad for students with disabilities. 

Some of the key areas of work with the  Learning Support Environment theme include:

  • A new ‘One stop shop’ or HUB for students seeking advice or guidance on any issue.
  • A new online Mentoring Hub and Mentoring Strategy.
  • Expansion of the St Mary’s Award with students able to evidence achievement of our Graduate Attributes.
  • Investment in additional Learning Development Lecturers, Programme Liaison Officers and dedicated tutors to support students who have English as a second Language.
  • More opportunities for students to co-create and shape their own learning experience.
  • A robust appraisal process that empowers our staff to focus on CPD via enhancing opportunities for professional development and ensuring that innovation and excellence are recognised, celebrated and rewarded.
  • Improved learning spaces that support greater flexibility in learning (e.g. Hyflex teaching, Linked-In Learning).
  • Improved student support for mental wellbeing, and for students with disabilities.  Development of our post-graduate research student community.
  • Continued investment to support digital equality.
  • New ‘Study Abroad Outward Mobility Fund’.

A full copy of the St Mary's Learning and Teaching Strategy detailing further information about the Learning Support Environment theme can be viewed here: Learning and Teaching Strategy.

Alternatively, each section is available here: Secton 1Section 2Section 3Section 4 and Section 5