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Catalogue of events - with further details

To book a place at any event, please email

  • 27 October: Providing feedback for learning, 12-1
  • 8 December: Assessment and retention, 12-1
  • 9 February: Assessment for learning: innovative practices, 11-12
  • 14 April: Curriculum design: rethinking assessment, 10-11, hyflex TBC
  • 9 September: Curriculum corner, 3-4, online
  • 16 September: Curriculum design: Making the most of annual programme review (recommended for new Programme Leaders) 10-11, hyflex TBC
  • 3 October: Curriculum corner, 3-4, online
  • 28 October: Curriculum design:  supporting student engagement and success, 10-11, hyflex TBC
  •  11 November: Curriculum corner, 3-4, Student Heart
  • 9 December: Curriculum design:  enhancing diversity and inclusion, 10-11, hyflex TBC
  • 13 January: Curriculum corner, 3-4, Student Heart
  • 20 January: Curriculum design:  responding to student feedback  10-11, hyflex TBC
  •  6 February: Curriculum corner, 3-4, online
  •  3 March: Curriculum design:  embedding employability, 10-11, hyflex TBC
  • 10 March: Curriculum corner, 3-4, Student Heart
  • 3 April: Curriculum corner, 3-4, online
  • 14 April: Curriculum design: rethinking assessment, 10-11, hyflex TBC
  • 12 May: Curriculum corner, 3-4, Student Heart
  • 26 May: Curriculum design: Beyond ‘blended’ – rethinking modes of delivery, 10-11, hyflex TBC
  • 5 June: Curriculum corner, 3-4, online
  • 7 July: Curriculum design: planning for partnership, 10-11, hyflex TBC
  • 7 July: Curriculum corner, 3-4, Student Heart
  • 7 August: Curriculum corner, 3-4, online
  • 15 September: Senior Fellow briefing, 1-2, online
  • 16 September: Fellow briefing, 11-1 online
  • 23 September: HEA writing retreat, 9-11.30, hyflex
  • 6 October: Finding literature for your HEA portfolio, 1-2, online
  • 11 October: Associate fellow briefing, 9.30-10.30, online
  • 12 October: Fellow briefing 1-2, online
  • 15 November: Senior Fellow briefing, 1-2, online
  • 17 November: Fellow briefing, 2-3, online
  • 12 December: Fellow briefing 1-2, online
  • 14 December: HEA writing retreat, 2-4.30, hyflex
  •  6 January: Fellow briefing, 1-2, online
  • 10 January: Associate Fellow briefing, 10-11, online
  • 11 January: HEA writing retreat, 9-11.30 hyflex 
  • 17 January: HEA Reviewer Training, 2-4
  • 15 February: Senior Fellow briefing, 1-2, online
  • 22 February: Fellow briefing, 1-2, online
  • 13 March: HEA writing retreat, 9-11.30  online
  • 20 March: Fellow briefing, 1-2, online
  • 18 April: HEA writing retreat, 3-5
  • 1 June: Fellow briefing, 2-3, online
  • 15 June: Senior Fellow briefing, 1-2, online
  • 5 July: Fellow briefing, 1-2, online
  • 18 October: CATE applicant briefing, 2-3 online
  • 19 October: Reward and recognition for teaching:  opportunities in the university and sector, 1-2, online
  • 20 October: NTF applicant briefing, 9-10, online
  • 19 January: Reward and recognition for teaching: opportunities in the university and sector, 1-2, online
  • 21 March: Walpole Prize briefing, 2-3, online
  • 19 April: Reward and recognition for teaching: opportunities in the university and sector, 1-2, online
  • 19 July: Reward and recognition for teaching: opportunities in the university and sector, 1-2, online


Festival of learning and teaching

Register for the festival which takes place on 20th June. The programme will be announced shortly.

AI and ChatGPT

 ChatGPT - Artificial intelligence (AI) and its implications for learning and teaching at St Mary's. Training video and slides by Adam Longcroft.

Revised Professional Standards Framework - AdvanceHE

AdvanceHE, the professional body for university educators, has announced the launch of the newly revised UK Professional Standards Framework (PSF 2023). The PSF forms the basis of HEA Fellowship applications and is the framework to which the St Mary's PGCAP is mapped.

Winter Symposium

The first St Mary's Winter Symposium took place on 27 January 2023. The event will showcase educational research projects undertaken by St Mary's colleagues.

Personal Tutors’ Forum

Come and network with other personal tutors. We will be joined for the first hour by Sue Witham, Head of Student Services, to discuss co-ordinated approaches to student support.

Please email to book your place

Teaching International Students - workshop - 1 November

Join us for a workshop on Teaching and Supporting International students Tuesday 1st November, 2-5pm in G5
Click here to register to attend:

Refreshments will be provided
Please email if you have any questions

 Personal Tutoring Forum - 24th October

Please join Matt James, Clare Saunders and Carolyn Porter on Monday 24th October, 2-4pm on Zoom for the Personal Tutoring Forum.

Authors Ben Walker and Dave Lochtie will present on the benefits of personal tutoring, what good personal tutoring looks like/best practice and the challenges and key issues to consider for the future. This will be followed by a Q&A.

The session will also include an update on the Personal Tutoring Policy and will be an opportunity to network and share good practice with colleagues.

Please email to book your place

Effective Personal Tutoring in Higher Education:

Reaccreditation of our HE teaching qualifications 

We are delighted to announce that Advance HE has reaccredited our HEA Fellowships scheme and Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice, enabling St Mary’s staff to gain nationally-recognised HE teaching qualifications. To find out more, including how to gain Fellowship or become a mentor or reviewer, please visit: For details of events for Fellowship candidates, mentors and reviewers, please see: 

Reward and recognition for teaching 

CTESS offers a range of support for staff to develop their learning and teaching career. As well as our regular Fellowship workshops, we are offering training for Fellowship mentors and reviewers; launching new ‘reward and recognition’ workshops; contributing to promotion briefings; and holding information sessions for candidates for Advance HE’s Teaching Excellence Awards. For details and to book, see the 'workshops' sections above.

Student engagement reminder: ‘tap in’! 

It’s important to track students’ attendance so we can identify students who are not fully engaged with their studies and provide support. One vital tool for this is the ‘tapping in’ system which records students’ attendance, so please remind your students to ‘tap in’ to each class. For more information and guidance, please visit:  

  • 13 December: Personal tutors' forum, 10-12, hyflex
  • 15 February: Personal tutors' forum, 10-12, hyflex, TBC
  • 20 April: Personal tutors’ forum, 2-4, hyflex TBC
  • 16 June: Personal tutors’ forum, 10-12, hyflex TBC

This January will see St Mary's first Winter Symposium for learning and teaching in which colleagues will share findings from educational research and academic practice projects. Further details will be available here.


Our annual Festival of Learning and Teaching will take place on 20th June. See further details and proposals submission page.