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Psychology foundation year pathway

This pathway is for for students wishing to study Psychology (C801).


Along with the three core modules, the psychology pathway also includes the following modules:

Investigating Psychology

This module is for students interested in Psychology. The module will begin to engage students in rethinking about “what is psychology?”

Students will be asked to consider the wide reach of the field beyond the well known therapeutic concept (psychologist – patient) to other applications of psychology in schools, organisations and society in general.

Students should develop a better understanding and greater interest in the power of the human brain with regard to our thoughts, actions, and attitudes.

Performing Identities

This module will introduce students to the concept of identity. Identity will be examined in relation to psychological theories, but also social elements like class, gender, race and nation.

Discussions will occur on identity formation and the impact of prejudice, otherness and of pluralities of identities. Students will also develop the skills to present a short video on a topic of their choice related to the notion of identity.

Thinking Critically, Creatively and Ethically

This module explores what makes “thinking” rigorous and logical, and how to detect specious arguments or ideas based on prejudice or fallacies in reasoning.

It will also encourage students to start reflecting on how to present ideas in creative and critical ways, whilst developing a strong understanding of the constant need to be ethical.

Please note: information published on this webpage is subject to change before the programme commences. Please refer to the Programme Specification document (PDF) for an authoritative summary of the programme.