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Science foundation year pathway

This pathway is for for students wishing to study any of the following undergraduate programmes:


Along with the three core modules, the science pathway also includes the following modules:

Foundations of Life

Foundations of Life studies the hierarchy of life, starting with macromolecules, cell tissue, organ and organism structures and functions. It also considers the interactions of organisms as arranged in communities.

The Chemistry of Nature

will introduce students to the concept of chemical principles underlying the life in the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. It will explore the atomic structure and properties of matter, the chemical reactions occurring in the human body and in Nature, the chemico-physical phenomena underpinning the constitution of the planet Earth and its atmosphere.

Principles of Physics and Mathematics

The module is divided into two components:

  1. Physical principles of Nature
  2. Mathematics (including principles of statistics)

The “Nature” component studies the principles of movement and energy, electricity and magnetism, and light. This component will also explore how these principles apply to our daily lives including human movement. The “Mathematics” component studies the fundamental concepts of mathematics and how they express the language in which Nature is written. This component also includes an introduction to statistics and its applications.  

Please note: information published on this webpage is subject to change before the programme commences. Please refer to the Programme Specification document (PDF) for an authoritative summary of the programme.