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All studios include a large screen interactive TV with a webcam for Zoom sessions and a Bluetooth sound system.  Most also include the Panopto Webcast system is also installed for recording lectures and saving to Moodle, the student lecture access system.

Drama Studio 1

Drama Studio 1 is one of the Drama St Mary’s teaching and rehearsal spaces.  It has an access door to the adjoining Studio 4.

Studio 1 also has the ability to be an intimate performance space with a lighting. Lighting and sound can be controlled with a portable PA and a laptop running MagicQ or a small dedicated lighting console.

Drama Studio 2

Drama Studio 2 is one of Drama St Mary’s more architecturally interesting spaces, with fluted stone pillars and glass doors leading out onto the Priests lawn, making it a favourite rehearsal space in the summer. It is also one of Drama larger teaching and rehearsal spaces.

Drama Studio 3

Studio 3 is Drama St Mary’s other performance space. Like The Theatre it is configurable into different layouts.

A control booth, above stage level, follows a similar control set up as the Theatre, allowing newly trained students to be able to move from one venue to the other and operate with ease.

Lighting control is via Chamsys MagicQ through a Mac Mini and Sound, similarly via a Mac Mini but connected to a digital Yamaha TF1 sound console.

Drama Studio 4

Next door to Drama Studio 1, Studio 4 has the advantage of the floor being laid with Harlequin Standfast. A recent addition to Studio 4 is a portable green screen to cater for the expanding Acting for Screen course.

There are future plans to upgrade Studio 4 to enable lighting for camera.

Drama Studio 5

Studio 5 is Drama St Mary’s most recent addition to our suite of teaching, workshop and rehearsal rooms. The floor is laid with Harlequin Standfast dancefloor.

This is a compact rehearsal space but bright and airy, looking over the grounds to the rear of St Mary’s.

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