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Trigger points are new to St Mary's. As this is a new system of monitoring sick absence your line manager may apply some discretion to previous absences that have occurred during the last 12 months, however if your absence record indicates an issue any previous occurrences of sick absence may be taken into account.

The trigger points for short term sickness are as follows:

  • no more than four instances of absence adding up to a total of 10 days within a rolling period of 12 months
  • unacceptable patterns or trends e.g. regular Friday or Monday absences before or after Bank Holidays
  • failure to follow the notification procedure.

The trigger point for long terms sickness is:

  • once an employee has been absent for 28 calendar days, or as soon as it is confirmed that they will be absent for at least 28 days (for example, a fit note has signed them off for that period), their manager should arrange a first long-term sickness absence formal meeting.

Your manager is monitoring your sickness in order to be able to make sure that University:

  • can support any absences that you have
  • make sure that you are well enough to work
  • provide you with any reasonable adjustments in order to support you at work.

Further information on sick absence can be found in the Sickness Absence policy.

May 2020, HR Department