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Public playback or performance of copyright music is subject to restrictions under copyright law when this is not for direct educational use. This is particularly the case if the activity in question is chargeable and/or profit-seeking. This covers various situations within the University including:

  • Playback of recorded music in cafes and other campus venues such as gyms
  • Playback of recorded music at student entertainment events (such as those run by the Students' Union)
  • Performance of copyright music where an entry charge is made
  • Playback of music during organised classes where a charge is made (e.g. fitness classes)

PRS for Music Licence - Annual Data Collection

The University holds a PRS for Music licence which covers the situations described above. This is administered by the Library & Learning Technology team on behalf of the institution and pays royalties to music rightsholders in line with activities taking place on-campus.

If your department is affected by this licence then there is an obligation to keep records of events, including attendance numbers and revenue generated. For major events (e.g. music festivals) it is also necessary to keep records of which artists performed at each event. The Library team will be in touch on annual basis to collect the necessary information to submit to PRS for Music.

If you have any queries about the PRS licence process please contact the Library team at