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Library Student Code of Conduct Policy

Library & Student Hub Code of Conduct 

The St Mary’s Library and Digital Support department has drawn up this Code of Conduct to make the libraries a safe and welcoming learning environment. 

Please treat fellow users of the libraries and their staff with courtesy, respect and consideration, and respect the libraries and the facilities as a working environment for yourself and others. 

The Code of Conduct means: 

Student ID

You must carry your St Mary’s ID card in the Library and Student Hub and you may be asked to present your ID card at any time. Students must show their St Mary’s card for any library and password transactions. 

Library resources

You are responsible for all items loaned on your library account. You will need to pay for items misplaced, lost or stolen. Fines will be charged for overdue items to ensure fair access to resources for all students. 

Personal Belongings 

You should keep your belongings and valuables safe and bags attended. Personal belongings left unattended may be removed to security. You are required to comply with any request from Library and Student Hub staff to examine possessions. While Library and Student Hub staff collect lost property where possible, we do not accept responsibility for any personal property left in the buildings. 


You should familiarise yourself with escape routes, and in the event of emergency, follow any instructions given to you by staff. 

Mobile Phones 

Please place your phone in silent mode when in the Library and use it with consideration for others. 


Treat library resources and property with care. Do not attempt to remove any resource that has not been loaned, or any item intended for reference use only. Wilful/deliberate damage, theft (or attempted theft) of library resources or property will lead to disciplinary action including discontinuation of studies, the payment of replacement charges or possible criminal prosecution.  If the exit alarm sounds when leaving the library, please return to the library and allow staff to search your bag. 


You must observe the silent rule in the designated Silent Study areas. In Quiet and Group study areas, please be considerate of your fellow students. 

Eating and Drinking 

Non-alcoholic drinks with lids/caps and snacks may be consumed in the Library and Student Hub. Please do not eat hot or smelly food and be considerate to others by putting all your rubbish away. 


Smoking is not permitted in any part of either library or any other building on campus. Smoking in buildings is a criminal offence. 


If you wish to listen to music in the library you must do this through headphones and ensure it is not audible to others. Headphones are available for loan in both libraries. 

Photography & Filming

Photography and filming is not permitted in the library except with written permission from the Library and Student Hub Manager. 


You must clear your study space when you leave and place all rubbish in bins provided. Please do not leave paper, drinks cups or other rubbish on desks. 

Furniture & Equipment

Please treat furniture and equipment in the library with care, bearing in mind that it is provided for the benefit of all students. 


You must observe copyright legislation and the conditions of all licenses that St Mary’s holds. 


Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied and closely supervised by an adult who ensures that they do not disturb other library users. Staff cannot be held responsible for unattended children in the building. 

Abusive Behaviour

Please treat our staff with respect. We reserve the right to ask individuals who behave inappropriately, repeatedly disturb others or use abusive language to leave the premises. Such behaviour may lead to disciplinary action. 

In return, our staff will seek to provide: 

  • A consistently good level of service. 
  • Assurance that all users of the Library and Student Hub are treated with courtesy, respect and consideration by both staff and their fellow users. 
  • A variety of learning environments suitable for individual and group study. 
  • Fair access to resources, many of which are in heavy demand, to as many people as possible. 
  • Assistance to others in developing academic literacy skills as a basis for independent lifelong learning. 
  • A clear description of processes and procedures to any individuals who are subject to sanctions under this Code of Conduct. 

If this code of conduct is breached, it may result in:

  • The individual being asked to leave the premises.
  • The individual’s rights to use computer facilities and to borrow Library resources being withdrawn for a predefined period.
  • Formal disciplinary action under the University’s Student Disciplinary Procedures.