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Referencing Policy

Bibliographic Referencing Policy

 1.     All programmes will adopt the standardised version of their nominated referencing style as set out in ‘Cite them Right’ online. Centralised support for standardised styles is provided by the Library through webpages, online tutorials, workshops, etc. To avoid confusion, inconsistency and duplication of effort, Departments and Programmes will not use variants of the standardised styles, nor produce bespoke guidance.  

The adoption of the standardised styles as set out in ‘Cite them Right’ online requires some compromise on the part of individual academics and Departments in terms of their own preferences, but the policy is intended to offer a better, more consistent learning experience for students, where the focus is on understanding the principles of referencing, rather than on having to tackle competing preferences.

2.     Variants of standardised styles will not be used as this leads to confusion for students and uncertainty about where help can be provided. Students should always be directed to “Cite them Right”. The Library’s referencing webpages shall provide links to ‘Cite them Right’ online and other official guidance for all general and subject-specific styles.

3.     All Department, Programme and module handbooks shall clearly state the referencing style in use for each programme, and shall direct students to the “Cite them Right” guidance for that style, via the Library referencing webpages. Bespoke referencing guidance and variants of official styles shall not be used.

4.     University Assessment Policy. The adoption of standardised styles is in line with section 6 of the University Assessment Policy – Principles of Assessment. In particular “assessment should: …be fair and equitable; be transparent; be reliable and valid; be evidence-informed; be accessible; be sustainable.” http://staffnet/Governance/corporate-documents/Corporate%20Documents/Assessment-Policy.pdf  

5.     All marking of referencing shall adhere to the standardised style. In cases where a particular assignment requires students to apply the referencing style of a specific journal or publisher, this will be clearly stated and appropriate guidance given. In such cases, marking of referencing shall adhere to this guidance.

6.     School ADs for Teaching, Learning and Quality Enhancement have ongoing responsibility for ensuring that this policy is communicated, enacted and adhered to within each School. The responsibility is also delegated to appropriate colleagues, such as Programme Directors.