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Library Management System project

The aim of this project is to provide St Mary’s with an improved Library Management System with a modern interface and additional features and capabilities including:

  • Azure Active Directory authentication and single (or common) sign on.
  • Compliance with digital accessibility, GDPR and other relevant regulations.
  • Automated integration with Student Record System (SITS) for creation and update of students’ accounts.
  • Improved reporting.
  • The requirements have been agreed.
  • Potential solutions have been identified and the procurement route (via a Procurement Framework) for them has been identified.
  • The suppliers (from the framework) demonstrated their products to us in December 2021.
  • A "mini-comp" was issued via the Procurement Framework inviting the suppliers to quote (ITQ).
  • The suppliers responses to the ITQ have been analysed and assessed against our requirements in terms of quality and cost and a winner has been selected.
  • The choice of supplier has been approved internally and the suppliers (successful and unsuccessful) have been notified. 
  • The contract has been signed with Ex Libris for their Alma & Primo products.
    Alma will supersede our existing Library Management System (vSmart) and Primo will replace or existing 'Discovery' tool (Summon), thus providing a more seamless and integrated experience for students and staff.
  • The pre-implementation (a.k.a. "onboarding") process is underway.

Next steps are to:

  • Implement Alma & Primo - this sis planned for the end of January 2023.
  • In addition we will be switching our Reading/Resource List software (from Talis Aspire) to Ex Libris' Leganto system in early June 2023.