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Theology and ethics research

With roots deep in its Catholic foundations and branches in diverse areas of contemporary scholarship, St Mary’s has an exciting and mould-breaking profile of research in the area of theology.

Having consistently ranked high in both RAE and REF, theology at St Mary’s boasts a world-class line-up of distinguished scholars in the areas of systematic theology, ethics, spirituality, biblical studies, canon law, pastoral theology and philosophical theology.

Our research is focussed in the specific Research Centres which reflect the expertise and range of interest of our staff: The Aquinas Centre for Theological Literacy, The Benedict XVI Centre for Religion and Society, The Centre for Bioethics and Emerging Technologies, The Centre for Initiatives in Spirituality and Reconciliation, The Centre for Research and Development in Catholic Education and The Centre for the Social Scientific Study of the Bible – details of which can be found below.

As well as our distinguished academics we host regular research seminars, colloquia and conferences for research students at which they will meet the leading practitioners in their field. We also encourage students to present their own research at these meetings.

With national and international links to both the Roman Catholic Church, other Christian denominations, other world religions and leading opinion-makers in the areas of politics, diplomacy and the media our students will find an open and inviting community for them to pursue their research interests beyond their formal study at St Mary’s.

Research centres

Benedict XVI Centre for Religion and Society

The Benedict XVI Centre is an international hub for research and engagement activities in the area of religion and the social sciences (primarily economics, sociology, and political science).  Find out more..

Centre for Bioethics and Emerging Technologies (CBET)

CBET focuses on the ethical and social implications of biomedicine and other new technologies. Find out more...

Centre for Initiatives in Spirituality and Reconciliation (InSpiRe)

As the discourse of faith demands ever more urgent expression the scholarly community at St Mary's has decided that the interaction of faith, belief and public and political reconciliation needs to be expressed through a new resource available to the community at large.  Find out more..

Centre for the Social-Scientific Study of the Bible (CSSSB)

The primary aim of the Centre is to foster social-scientific research in Biblical Studies in the UK and internationally. Most directly, it will be a vehicle for raising the profile of Biblical Studies at St Mary’s University by functioning as a hub for conferences, publications, grants, postgraduate students, and colleagues on research leave.  Find out more..

Research news

St Mary’s Library Acquires the Franciscan Studies Collection

More than 70 per cent of school girls want to know more about breast cancer, according to new research released today. Read more...

St Mary’s Conference Inspires New Bioethics Book

A new book stemming from a conference held at St Mary’s University, Twickenham is being published this week from Cambridge University Press. Read more...