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The Aquinas Centre for Theological Literacy is a research and resourcing centre for Catholic education and formation based in the School of Education, Theology and Leadership at St Mary’s University.

Committed to the founding principles of the University itself, the Centre is operates at the interface of research and practice in Catholic education understood principally in the context of schools, colleges and parishes, but also by necessity in dialogue with the wider social and cultural matrices of our time.


Theological literacy has valency with important elements of the educational and ecclesial enterprise. On campus the Centre boasts a number of experts connected to its various dimensions, including:

Likewise, the Head of School, Key Stage 1-2 expert  Dr Maureen Glackin has also contributed original research in School Chaplaincy and the Director of the Centre,  Dr Anthony Towey is an innovative figure in matters relating to the reform of the GCSE and A Level RE in the Catholic context.

Work of the Centre

While the Aquinas Centre is already undertaking research on behalf of national bodies such as the  Catholic Education Service (CES) and National Board of Religious Inspectors and Advisors (NBRIA), its expertise is also in demand from schools and dioceses for consultancy, professional development, conferencing and short courses at all levels.

Disrupting the Limbo of Non-Belonging

Faith transmission among Catholic young adults

This research report, completed by Dr Káren North, is based on data drawn from across England and Wales, the report examines ‘what works’ in terms of faith transmission among Catholic Young Adults. Original, contextual and empirical in its content, the report is also a practical and timely contribution to the preparations for the Synod on Youth to be held in Rome in Autumn 2018.

Download the report