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The Centre for Wellbeing in Education (CWE) serves to identify challenges and opportunities related to wellbeing in education and to generate new knowledge in the sector.

Its work aims to be both proactive (researching and developing sustainable approaches to promoting and protecting wellbeing) and responsive (acknowledging environmental and global events and how these may impact wellbeing in education). As a hub connecting St Mary’s with our local, national, and international communities, as well as our our partnership schools, the CWE seeks to advance our understanding of:  

  • how educators support the wellbeing of children and young people 
  • the wellbeing of educators in schools
  • the wellbeing of students and staff in higher education institutions.

We seek to develop an inclusive and accessible environment where diverse voices are represented and valued. Those contributing to the CWE’s work share a passion for addressing challenges related to wellbeing of educators and learners in schools and universities. The Centre provides opportunities for connection and collaboration between practitioners who care deeply about wellbeing in education and the importance of nurturing and developing the profession. The CWE’s work aims to be representative of the needs and interests of St Mary’s and the wider communities in which we live and learn.    

 The Centre is active in exploring new opportunities for funded projects to enhance wellbeing in educational contexts. 

For further details, please contact co-directors Professor Anna Lise Gordon at or Jennifer Murray  at