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History, Mission Statement, Aims and Objectives

The Centre for Research and Development in Catholic Education (CRDCE) was originally established by Prof Gerald Grace (with the support of many Religious Congregations) in 1997 at the University of London, Institute of Education (IOE). It was the first research and development Centre for Catholic Education in Europe. CRDCE directly undertook, and indirectly sponsored, various research and scholarly projects from its IOE base in the period 1997-2016 resulting in a range of publications.

In 2009 the Centre launched the first ever international and interdisciplinary journal devoted to the systematic study of Catholic Education, in all its forms, across the world, International Studies in Catholic Education (ISCE) has published 15 issues (as of March 2016) containing 113 articles and the journal is now taken in 28 countries and in every continent.

CRDCE and the Editorial Office of ISCE are now located in the School of Education, Theology and Leadership in St Mary's University, at the invitation of the Vice-Chancellor, Francis Campbell since February 2016. 

CRDCE exists to:

  • To support the work of Catholic schools and colleges, nationally and internationally by the publication of staff development texts on various themes.
  • To encourage and support research and scholarly writing in the field of Catholic Education Studies and to publish the results of such projects.
  • To participate in Catholic education conferences and seminars: conferences concerned with other forms of faith-based education, and to make contributions to mission renewal sessions in schools and colleges.
  • To support the work of graduate students undertaking doctoral research on various aspects of Catholic education.
  • To develop international networks of scholarship and research with Catholic universities and colleges across the world.
  • To act as the Editorial Office for International Studies in Catholic Education.
  • To act as consultants for Conferences of Catholic Bishops on educational issues and also for the World Union of Catholic Teachers.