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Articles and Chapters in Books

  • (1996) 'Leadership in Catholic Schools' in T McLaughlin et al (Eds) The Contemporary Catholic school, Falmer Press: London / Washington
  • (1998) 'The Future of the Catholic School: an English Perspective' in J. M. Feheney, FRM (Ed) From Ideal to Action: The Inner Nature of a Catholic School Today, Veritas, Dublin
  • (2001) 'The State and Catholic schooling in England and Wales: Politics, Ideology and Mission Integrity' Oxford Review of Education Vol 27 No 4, pp 489-500
  • (2002) 'Mission Integrity: Contemporary Challenges for Catholic School Leaders' in K. Leithwood and P. Hallinger (Eds) Second International Handbook of Educational Leadership and Administration, Kluwer Academic Publishers Dordrecht / Boston
  • (2003) a. 'Educational Studies and Faith-Based Schooling: Moving from Prejudice to Evidence-Based Argument', British Journal of Educational Studies, Vol 51, no 2, June, pp 149-167
  • (2003) b. 'First and Foremost the Church offers its Educational Service to the Poor: Class, Inequality and Catholic Schooling in Contemporary Contexts', International Studies in Sociology of Education, Vol 13 No 1 pp 35-53
  • (2004) 'Making Connections for Future Directions: taking religion seriously in the Sociology of Education', International Studies in Sociology of Education, Vol 14 No 1
  • (2007) 'Catholic schools facing the challenges of the 21st Century' Chapter 1 in Grace and O'Keefe (eds), op. cit
  • (2008) 'Christianity, Modernities and Knowledge' Chapter 58 in International Handbook of Comparative Education (Eds). R. Cowen and A. Kazamias, Dordrecht, Springer
  • (2011) 'Renewing the Catholic Social Conscience means renewing the Catholic School curriculum: Taking Caritas in Veritate Seriously in Education' in Catholic Social Conscience (Eds) K. Chappell and F. Davis, Leominster, Gracewing Publishers, pp. 221-239
  • (2012) 'Catholic Values and Education Policy': Chapter : in International Handbook of Religion and Values (Eds). J. Arthur and T. Lovat. London. Routledge.

Articles in International Studies in Catholic Education

  • (2009) 'On the international study of Catholic education: why we need more systematic scholarship and research', ISCE Vol 1, No 1. March pp 6-14.
  • (2010) 'Renewing Spiritual Capital: an urgent priority for the future of Catholic education internationally', ISCE Vol 2, No 2. October pp. 117-128
  • (2009-2012) 'Editorials' in ISCE Vols 1/2/3/4

Articles in Professional Journals

  • (2010) 'Advancing International Studies in Catholic Education, Networking, Vol 11, No 5. pp 8-9
  • (2011) 'Go and Teach all Nations' Networking, Vol 12 no 4. pp 4-5.
  • (2011) 'A Resource for Staff Developments in Catholic Schools and Colleges' Networking, Vol 12, No 5. p 5
  • (2012) 'Renewing the Catholic Social Conscience' Networking, Vol 13, No 4. pp 6-8
  • (2012) 'Catholic Academies and the Need for Discernment' Networking, Vol 13, No 5.

Contributions to CRDCE's: Professional Focus Series
Resources for Staff Development

  • Catholic schools and the common good: what this means in educational practice. G. Grace. 2000. ISBN 085473-6298
  • The Birmingham Catholic School Partnership: Holding to common good – values in a market competitive age J. Foley & G. Grace 2001 ISBN 0-9541138406
  • Spiritual and moral development across the curriculum in Catholic schools P. O' Donoghue & G. Grace 2004 ISBN 0-9541384-1-4
  • Peace Education and Catholic Schools P. Gaffney, B. Kent & G. Grace. 2004 ISBN 0-9541384-2-2
  • Citizenship Education: A Catholic Perspective J. Battle. MP & G. Grace. 2006. ISBN 0-9541384-3-0
  • Can there be a Catholic Schools Curriculum? J. Arthur, P. Boylan, G. Grace & P. Walsh. 2007. ISBN 0-9541384-4-9
  • Science Education and the Christian Teacher P. Black, M. Poole & G. Grace. 2007. ISBN 0-9541384-5-7
  • Theological Literacy and Catholic Schools N. Weeks & G. Grace. 2007. ISBN 0-9541384-6-5