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About the project

LimbPower is a leading charity in the United Kingdom that aims to engage amputees and individuals with limb impairments in physical activity, sport and the arts to improve quality of life and to aid lifelong rehabilitation. St Mary's University started a collaborative relationship with them in 2014.

Following several successful research grant application and following research activity, there has been a significant impact to practice. For example, these changes include the introduction of physical activity advisor roles in national limb centres.

Our research identified a significant gap between patients leaving the NHS hospital and going home, with many amputees experiencing mental health issues (e.g., depression). As a result, we have constructed this new job role in limb centres, whereby a member of staff now meets with amputees when they are discharged from hospital and during follow-up appointments.

The aim of the role is to link amputees with supportive resources (e.g., charities such as LimbPower) to improve their health and wellbeing by enabling them to live an active life.

Limbformation website

In addition, and aligning with the Activity Alliance’s 2018-2021 strategy, Achieving Inclusion Together, this collaborative relationship has also led to the constructed a user-led website for children with an amputation and their families: that was built from research undertaken at St Mary’s University. 

Visit the Limbformation website

Advanced Rehabilitation Events for Amputees

Finally, we have offered and delivered a biannual evidence-based Advanced Rehabilitation Event for Amputees at St Mary’s University to enable them to lead active lives that is driven and supported by our research.

The events are a huge success! They give people with an amputation the opportunity to try sport, to learn about sport, and to build relationships with others, which is critical in enabling them to lead active lives. Kiera Roche (LimbPower Chief Executive Officer)