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Adult Art Workshops

This 8 Week course is designed for beginners and those who wish to extend their knowledge, skills and understanding further.  Each session will be put into both an art historical context and contemporary practices of artists today. This term Francis Bacon at The R.A in January and Van Gogh in February will be 2 exhibitions that we will be looking at in the 2nd half of term.

This course will be held at The Exchange in Twickenham and delivered to you by Sandra Beccarelli, a London based artist with a wealth of experience as a tutor and contemporary artist.

Dates and times

This eight week course will run on Wednesdays between 10am-1pm on the following dates:

  • 27th April - 22nd June 2022


The full cost is £270, with a £50 deposit. 

Students will need to supply their own art materials (including eraser, sketch pad, pencils, brushes and paint), please see the welcome pack for full details.   


January Course:

Week 1

Introduction to the course and drawing from natural objects using a variety of hard and soft pencils. We will be exploring line, texture and tone.

Week 2

Drawing natural objects using a variety of media such as pen and ink, fine liners and watercolour.

Week 3

Exploring charcoal as a medium using a variety of expressive and experimental techniques.

Week 4

Experimental drawing techniques such as attaching pencils to sticks, playing with scale, gesture and movement.

Week 5

Colour theory and practice.  How to mix and use colours effectively.

Week 6

The human face, self- portrait drawing, exploring proportion and 3D modelling using tone.  Encourage learners to visit the current exhibitions we will be focusing on in the next 2 sessions (if they haven’t done already).

Week 7

Self- portraiture and the human form as expression, relating to 2 exhibitions in London.  (Jan 29th- April 17th 2022) “Francis Bacon- Man and Beast” at The Royal Academy & (Feb 3rd – May 8th 2022) “Van Gogh Self Portraits” at The Courtauld  Gallery, Somerset House.  Discussion about methods and meaning, style and practical methodologies used by each artist. You will explore these methods using the colours and paint techniques of each artist in your sketchbooks. You will then explore the artist’s techniques using your own face as subject matter.

Homework: Find a photograph which you would like to work from.  This could be of a standard portrait (head and shoulders), the whole figure, the figure in movement, an animal included etc...

Week 8

You will be making exploratory studies from the photographs brought in, using the techniques of Van Gogh and/ or Francis Bacon.  What you select will depend on personal preference in style and content.                                                                                  


To enrol on this course you must be 18 years old or over.


Upon successful completion of this course you will be awarded a certificate of attendance.