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Adult Art Workshops

This 8 week course is designed for all levels and abilities to explore ideas and build up skills and personal creativity. Students will have the opportunity to explore both traditional and experimental art processes and techniques and to inspire further learning and independent investigation. 

This course will be held at The Exchange in Twickenham and delivered to you by Sandra Beccarelli, a London based artist with a wealth of experience as a tutor and contemporary artist.

Dates and times

This eight week course will run on Wednesdays between 10am-1pm on the following dates:

  • 12th January - 9th March 2022
  • 27th April - 22nd June 2022

*Please note these dates are subject to change due to Government restrictions* 


The full cost is £270, with a £50 deposit. 

Students will need to supply their own art materials (including eraser, sketch pad, pencils, brushes and paint), please see the welcome pack for full details.   


Week 1

Introduction to the course with a Dada inspired game to create abstract compositions based on chance

Week 2

Drawing natural objects from observation, looking at line, tone and form.

Week 3

Exploring “Fumage”, an experimental process of drawing with smoke on paper and canvas. 

Week 4

Using Fumage with other media such as charcoal, pencil and acrylic paint to create atmospheric landscapes based on images learners bring to class.

Week 5

Drawing on location 1.  Students will use a variety of materials and techniques to focus on expression and atmosphere.

Week 6

Drawing on location 2. Students will be focusing on shadows, shapes and abstract qualities within the landscape.

Week 7

Simple paint compositions emphasising Shape, Texture and Colour using drawings made in the landscape.

Week 8

Mixed media: Learners will use pre-existing material, such as maps to create new abstracted imagery using Pastels, paint and collage.


To enrol on this course you must be 18 years old or over.


Upon successful completion of this course you will be awarded a certificate of attendance.