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Marathon Workshops

St Mary’s University is known for its exceptional sports courses and excellent facilities.

These one-day courses, How to Survive Your Marathon - Everything You Need to Know and One Stop Planning for Your Autumn Marathon are aimed at the wider community of non-elite runners. They will empower, educate, support, and motivate you to achieve a life changing dream of running a marathon.

These inspiring days will give you everything you need to know about your first or second marathon in an exciting new way. Each day will take place on St Mary’s University campus where we have state-of-the-art facilities such as the Sir Mo Farah running track and the Performance Education Centre.

They are interactive, collaborative, confidence boosting, and fun and will be delivered by experts in the field and very importantly by those who experienced the first marathon dilemma and have now experienced many marathons and taught others how to achieve this goal.

The courses are perfect for:

  • first or second time marathon runners – able bodied and disabled
  • park runners who would like to build up to a marathon
  • running club runners
  • charity place runners who are doing it all on their own
  • anyone who would love to run a marathon but doesn’t know where to start.

Meet the tutor

""The courses will be run by expert tutor, Caitlin Limmer. Caitlin is a very experienced runner and has completed over 18 marathons and has over 20 years’ experience as a trainer.

Caitlin is also the Founder of Twickenham’s famous Bearcat Running Club and is the Race Director of the Turks Head 10K, and was the Race Director of Cabbage Patch 10. She also works for the London Marathon at The Expo and on the London Marathon Day itself. Caitlin is friendly, warm and welcoming and will inspire, support, and motivate you to achieve marathon success. 

Dates and times

The one day, How to Survive Your Marathon - everything you need to know course, will take place on:

  • Sunday 4th February 2024, 9am-5pm

 The one day, One Stop Planning for Your Autumn Marathon, will take place on:

  • Sunday 30th June, 9am-5pm


Each course will take place at St Mary’s University main campus, Twickenham. 


  • The full course cost of each course is £55.

St Mary's University staff and students can receive a 10% discount. Please use the booking link on the Discounted short courses page (St Mary's login required).


At the start the day you will meet in your running kit on the Sir Mo Farah track for a ‘get to know you’ session.

Each course will cover a number of areas to prepare you perfectly for your marathon journey:

  • getting to know your warm up
  • planning - how to write and find your training plan based on who you are and the life you lead
  • common injuries, stitches, colds – how to avoid and treat them
  • top tips nobody tells you until it is too late
  • cross and strength training, how and why it is important
  • nutrition and hydration, training, the week before, on the day, and recovery afterwards
  • supplements and race provision how to use these effectively
  • mental training the “how to” with confidence, motivation, belief, tackling negativity
  • hitting the wall, when things go wrong
  • real life stories we can all learn from.

Each day will also include a marathon clinic over lunch.

The workshops are not just lecture based, they are fun and interactive. It is much more than plans, pasta, and plantar fasciitis. It deals with the mind and the practicalities of a marathon as well as the body.

Each course promises to be an unforgettable day and will be as integral to a marathon experience as buying the right shoes.


Attendees need a “can-do” attitude. You don’t have to have signed up for a marathon, just have a desire that in the future this is something you would like to do. To enrol on these courses you must be 18-years-old or over.

For more information about this course please contact the Short Courses Team: