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Sessions are held in our fully equipped gymnasium, with children doing activities on bars, beams, vault alongside floor work. This allows participants to be introduced to a range of different gymnastics skills.

Gymnasts are consistently working towards the British Gymnastics Association’s proficiency awards. The badges start at level 8 and progress through to level 1. 

We also offer a termly invite to a select group of gymnasts who have displayed an outstanding attitude and ability within the General Recreation sessions to attend our Advanced Recreation class that practices twice a week. 

SIMMSplitz sessions


  • 4.30-5.30pm (Years R-3*)
  • 5.40-6.40pm (Years 4-7)
  • 6.50-7.50pm (Years 4-7)


  • 4-5pm (Years R-3*)
  • 5.10-6.10pm (Years R-3*)
  • 6.20-7.20pm (Advance Rec)


  • 4-5pm (Years R-3*)
  • 5.10-6.10pm (Years 4-7)
  • 6.20-7.20pm (Years 4-7)


  • 4-5pm (Years R-3*)
  • 5.10-6.10pm (Years R-3*)
  • 6.20-7.20pm (Years 4-7)


  • 4.30-5.30pm (Years R-3*)
  • 5.40-6.40pm (Years 4-7)
  • 6.50-7.50pm (Years 4-7)


  • 9.30-10.30am (Years R-3*)
  • 10.40-11.40am (Years 4-7)
  • 11.50am-12.50pm (Years 4-7)
  • 1.20-2.20pm (Years R-3*)
  • 2.30-3.30pm (Advance Rec)

*Reception children must be five-years-old to join SIMMSplitz.

Club spaces and fees

To book a place on the programme, please email with the session you are interested in joining, your child’s name, date of birth and a contact number and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that a number of our sessions are currently at capacity but we will be able to offer a position on our waiting list.

Fees are paid termly and sessions are priced at £12 per hour. Terms typically last 9 to 12 weeks, and participants may join at any stage, subject to availability.

Please note each gymnast is required to have a British Gymnastics membership, and as such an additional £19 fee will be required (this is paid directly to British Gymnastics). The membership period expires at the end of September each year.

Club leotard

SIMMSplitz has a unique club leotard that is available only to our members. It is not compulsory but if you would like to order one they are available to order in both boys' and girls' designs from £35.

Please contact the SIMMSport office for more information on how to purchase leotards by emailing or speaking to one of our reception team.