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Alternative postgraduate funding

There is a range of alternative funding sources for postgraduate study for home, EU and international students.


If you are in employment, it may be worthwhile asking your employer if they would be willing to give you full or partial support throughout your studies as many employers value the additional knowledge and skills that postgraduate study offers.

Educational Trust and Charity Funding

Many educational trusts and charities offer financial assistance to home, EU and international students. Most have specific criteria that you must meet in order to receive their help. Some trusts are set up especially to benefit students with disabilities.

You should be aware that:

  • You will need to make an application well in advance of beginning a course of study if you are relying on help from this source.
  • Full scholarships are rare, due to the large number of people applying each year. Many educational trusts will only help students in their final year of study and often only in their final term.
  • You will normally need to provide evidence that you have tried all other sources of financial help when you apply.

US Federal Aid

Information about Federal Direct Loans is available on the  Information for Students from the USA webpages.

Research Council Funding

Research Council funding for postgraduate research training tends to directly to universities who then undertake the selection and recruitment of students. Prospective students seeking scholarships or bursaries for fees or stipend should contact the individual institutions for advice on what funding is available, eligibility and application guidance.

The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding

The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding Online is all about alternative sources of funding, especially charities, which can make awards (fees, maintenance, research costs) to any student regardless of subject or nationality.

The Alternative Guide Online contains a huge database of funding opportunities, comprehensive guidance and numerous tools to help you prepare a winning grant application. It is free for all St Mary's University students and staff to use.

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