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Council tax exemption and other letter requests

Full-time registered students are exempt from Council Tax (to qualify for full time status Undergraduate students must be studying 100 or more credits in an academic year.  Postgraduates should be studying at least 140 credits in an academic year).

Every student living in private accommodation must register their address with the Council. This is not a task that can be undertaken by the University.

If you are living in private accommodation in the boroughs of Kingston, Wandsworth or Richmond, the University will confirm your full-time student status with those councils.

If you are in private accommodation outside of the above boroughs, you can request and print a council tax exemption letter, along with others such as a bank account request letter through your online E-Vision Portal.

If you receive a Council Tax Bill from your local authority, you should forward your letter to them quoting your account reference.

If you struggle accessing this letter, please email for support.

Please note: The property you live in may still be liable for council tax if there are one or more adults, over 18, who are not students and living in the property. If you do decide to move in with non-students, make sure they are aware that you are not liable for council tax.

When you move out of your private accommodation or if you cease to have full time student status you must also inform the council.

St Mary's Halls of Residence

If you are living in the University's halls of residence, you do not have to register your address with the council or provide council tax exemption, because halls of residence are classed as exempt dwellings.