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Student loans for UK and EU students: what you need to know

Tuition fees for full time undergraduate degrees – up to £9,250 

UK and EU students can apply for a loan to cover the cost of their tuition fees. This can be up to £9,250 and is available to all students in their first degree of study. If you have had any previous study at higher educational level, you may not be eligible for a tuition fee loan. If you are unsure, please do contact Student Finance England and they will clarify it for you.

Part time – pro rata to % of full-time study

If you’re studying part-time then Student Finance will pro-rata your tuition-fee loan according to the number of modules you are studying. This can be confirmed to you by our Registry and Fees Teams.

If you are a new student beginning your studies in September 2020 you will also be able to apply to the new part-time maintenance loan from Student Finance England.

Fees paid directly to the University

Tuition fees are paid directly to the university, so you don’t need to worry about sorting out bank transfers with the university unless you are self-funding.

If you’re self-funding your tuition-fees, then please visit our Tuition Fees page, as you will need to pay these manually. 

Applying for a Loan

You can apply from Feb 2020 onwards, and can still apply up to 9 months after the first day of the academic year of your course.

Please note:you'll need to make an application for each year of your course.

Loans for Living Costs

Maintenance loans of up to £12,010 will be available to eligible full-time home students studying at St Mary's University in 2020/21.

The exact amount you are entitled to will depend on your household income and whether you will be living at home while studying and whether you are studying at a London university or outside London. St Mary’s University attracts the London rate of loan.

Students who live away from home and study in London (St Mary’s is designated a London university for funding purposes) will be eligible for a loan of between £5,981 and £12,010.

Minimum and maximum loans for living costs
Student ProfileMinimum LoanMaximum Loan
Students living in the parental home while studying £3,410 £7,747
Students studying outside London £4,289 £9,203
Students studying in London £5,981 £12,010

Applications and Deadlines

You can apply for the Tuition Fee Loan and the Maintenance Loan in the same place, on the Student Finance website. The online application process for 2020/21 UK students will open early in 2020 and students are advised to make their application as soon as possible after the process opens and before the end of May 2020 in order to make sure their funding is in place for the start of the academic year.

EU students cannot apply online but will be able to download an application form on the government website from April 2020 onwards.

Please note: The deadline dates are different for students from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Please check directly with them to find out the dates.

Loan Repayments

Graduates will not make any loan repayments until they are earning at least £25,000 per annum.

The repayment will be 9% of income over £25,000 per annum and all outstanding repayments will be written off after 30 years.

You will not have to repay anything until you are earning over £25,000, although any loans will still be liable for interest at the rate of inflation based on the Retail Price Index (RPI).

For graduates earning between £25,000 and around £41,000, a real rate of interest will start to be charged, on a sliding scale, reaching a maximum of the RPI plus 3%. Above £41,000, graduates will repay the full rate of RPI plus 3%.

The Student Loans Company can provide further information on student loans and repayments.