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Simmies Challenges

We are delighted to announce the launch of #SimmiesChallenges - a digital physical activity platform that will support you to get moving and inspire you to achieve your physical activity goals!

What are #SimmiesChallenges?

Not only will you be able to record your own activity, but we'll be running specific challenges for our students and staff to compete against each other, earn reward points and win various prizes through the academic year and over summer. Some challenges are even able to automatically utilise physical activity data your from smartphones and fitness trackers (such as FitBit, Apple Health, Garmin and Google Fit), if you opt-in to this feature.

This has been made possible as part of our “BUCS Active 4” project which we have recently been successful in applying to for access the platform. Based on your feedback from our Student Sport Survey 2020, it is clear that for many of you cost can be a barrier to engaging in physical activity and sport; so, to ensure that we are able to engage as many students within the project as possible, the newly formed Student Engagement Fund will look to support eligible students to apply for funding to allow them to access a variety of opportunities that allow them to start getting active.

All St Mary’s University students and staff! We will be including a range of challenges that allow you to get involved, no matter who or where you are.

Sport England suggests that we should all be getting active in ways that deliver the most for our physical wellbeing, as we know that being physically active can give a huge boost to our health.

Sport and physical activity can help prevent ill health as well as provide therapeutic and management effects for those suffering with physical and mental conditions. It can also lead to improvements in strength, balance, movement and motor skills, and help in maintaining a healthy body weight. 

Other physical wellbeing outcomes backed by evidence include improved quality of sleep, increased energy levels, healthy early years development, reduced unhealthy behaviours like smoking, reduced mortality, effective pain management and improved quality of life in ageing.

Use the #SimmiesChallenges Finder to seek and filter all of the challenges that we have available; check out our visual walk-through to find out how to access #SimmiesChallenges on your mobile device.

Note: If you have a BUCS Play login already (for example if you have competed in BUCS competitions since the start of 2019/20), you will need to use this information to login.

Staff members should note that we will disregard any information in the course end date/field of study/student number field.

 #SimmiesChallenges Finder

Visual Walkthrough Guide

Joining Challenges Guide