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Application and shortlisting

In order to be called for interview you will have met the entry requirements from the UCAS process. It's expected that you demonstrate your reasoning for wanting to teach in a primary education setting.

If applying for the Primary PE Specialism you should also demonstrate how PE links to the child's development as a unique individual.

It is advised that you present your application at a professional level which should be accurate and contain relevance to primary teaching. It would be appropriate to indicate why you wish to enter into teaching as a career. 

Interview day

On the day you will take part in a brief tour of the campus and an informative lecture about the course and our expectations.

You will also be asked to undertake some short written tasks to show your capability in written English, spelling and grammar. You won't need to prepare for this in advance.

In addition, you'll be assigned a small group with other candidates and asked to take part in a group discussion and present an aspect of the discussion to the rest of the small group.

There will also be a personal interview overseen by one or more members of the PGCE team. 

Your performance will be assessed by several people - any decisions about acceptance are only made when all assessments are collated and discussed by the course team panel.

Interview preparation

We encourage all prospective students to spend time in a primary school so that you're informed about the whole school environment. This is to confirm your own wish to teach and provide a basis for your own views.