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Workplace Modules

Workplace Learning modules

We offer work-related learning modules at all levels of undergraduate study.

Year one (Level 4)

Personal and professional development

This module will help you evaluate and reflect on your own skills and to identify areas for your personal and professional development so that you can be more successful both in your degree programme and in the workplace.

You will be given an opportunity to explore learning theory and learning styles, and to understand what influences your progress and development, as well as developing a broader understanding of strategies, skills and knowledge required to become a successful professional. This will be an interactive experience which will help you to create and build a record of personal goals and achievements.

Year two (Level 5)

Contributing to the community

This is an opportunity to undertake a part-time placement in a local social, community, educational or charitable agency.  The module uses a service-learning approach to develop awareness of wider social issues together with an appreciation of your relationship with the local community.

You will explore issues of social justice and community.  The module also helps to develop your employability skills through the process of self-reflection and evaluation.  You will need to do your placement in a not-for-profit organisation to take this module. 

Experience and employment in education

The module will help prepare you for working within a range of educational settings including Primary, Secondary, FE, alternative educational settings and HE. 

The module will raise awareness of issues within the education sector including SEN, curriculum design, behaviour and leadership.  The module will encourage you to reflect on the development of your professional practice.  It will also help you to define and then develop the specific work-related skills that you need in order to become more employable.

You will be encouraged to share experiences in order to encourage learning and to help articulate your strengths.  You will need to do your placement in an education setting to take this module.

Experience and employment in business

At the beginning of this module you will undertake an in depth psychometric analysis, the results of which will help you to explore and identify your core competencies and personal qualities, as well as identify key areas for personal and professional development.

Using this knowledge, you will undertake a period of practical work experience and will simultaneously reflect upon the corporate culture of your workplace, exploring your  "cultural fit" with this workplace with the work undertaken. 

Ultimately, using reflective learning principles, and following analysis of the work place via a written report, you will produce a career focussed action plan. You can undertake a placement in any sector if you wish to take this module.

Experience and Employment in Sport

The Experience and Employment in Sport module aims to look at and develop specific skills and qualities required for working with people in the sporting environment.  The module is particularly relevant if you are considering a career as a PE teacher, coach, personal trainer or sports development officer.  

Interactive lectures and practical activities supplement theory to bring the subject to life and give a chance to take what has been learned in the classroom and apply it at your placement. You will need to undertake a placement in the sport sector to undertake this module. 

Year three (Level 6)

Enterprise in the workplace

This module provides you with the opportunity to gain experience in the workplace whilst reflecting on, identifying and improving your own skills, knowledge and professional identity. 

You will be introduced to the concepts of enterprise and entrepreneurship and will explore how these exist within your organisations.   You will reflect on your own entrepreneurial skills and how these can be developed.  You will experience the challenges of working as a team to solve a business issue and make a formal presentation of your findings. 

In addition to undertaking an assessed group presentation you will produce an e-portfolio which will include reflective accounts of your presentation task and reflections evaluating the development of your professional practice during your placement.  You can undertake a placement in any sector if you wish to take this module.

Managing in the workplace

This module provides you with the opportunity to gain experience in the workplace whilst learning to identify, analyse and critique management and leadership practices in your organisations and develop an understanding of how these practices impact on the culture and success of the organisation. 

You will produce an e-portfolio and will undertake a Viva to reflect on your development during your placement. Students will be encouraged to consider leadership qualities and how they can demonstrate these at all levels in the organisation. You can undertake a placement in any sector if you wish to take this module.