What is it about?

Many people experience health inequalities in everyday life, the Governments priority is to improve the national status of wellbeing and health. The RSPH level 1 Award is the first step in the right direction to improving individuals own health and extending their knowledge on healthcare issues.

Why should you do the RSPH Award?

The award provides individuals with a greater understanding of the basic principles of health and how it impacts on their daily lifestyle choices.

Moreover, the award enables them to take on greater awareness of their own health and to use their knowledge to care for others.
The focal point is on physical and mental health and wellbeing and can be applied on an individual or a workplace based setting. In a work-based setting one employee will develop a greater responsibility for promoting health and wellbeing in their work environment.

Who is eligible for this Award?

This award is suitable for anyone with an interest in health and wellbeing, including:

  • Employees in the workplace as an introduction to health
  • For those preparing for careers in health and healthcare
  • As a foundation for those in support roles to professionals in health & social care organisations
  • As part of lifestyle education for young people and for those starting out in independent living
  • As part of preparation for those active in Local Involvement Network (LINKS) and Patient and Public Involvement groups (These groups are working to give citizens a stronger voice in how their health and social care services are delivered)
  • As underpinning learning for individuals accessing NHS Life Check.

What does the training consist of?

The package offered is made up of 10 learning hours including the assessment; this is usually delivered in one day.

The package is flexible and can be adjusted to suit the needs of employees and employers.

Where can the award lead?

This award provides a foundation for further learning. Successful candidates can progress to other health awards such as the RSPH level 2 Award in Understanding Health Improvement, and Healthier Foods and Special Diets, or broaden their knowledge in specific area, e.g. The WiPP Self Care Skills Training and The Expert Patient Programme. The award complements other national awards and initiatives promoting workplace wellness and healthy living.

What topics will be covered?

  • The meaning of “health”
  • Basic principles of public health
  • Lifestyle choices affecting personal health and wellbeing
  • Managing personal health collaboratively with health services

Where will the training be held?

Training will either be held at St Mary's University or your own workplace.