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Physiological profiles

We offer a range of physiological profiles aimed at giving you an accurate insight in to your current physiology and guide future training through prescriptive training zones.

All of our assessments can be done on a treadmill, cycle or rowing ergometer.

Level one: lactate profile

The lactate profile is a sub-maximal step-test, which involves exercising for 3-4 minute stages at progressive speeds/power outputs. Heart rate, blood lactate and rating on perceived exertion (RPE), are measured at the end of each stage to create a physiological profile. 

From this test important metabolic ‘thresholds’ are identified.These are used to calculate heart rate and intensity training zones. The recommended training zones can then be used to guide training and monitor progress.

Level two: lactate profile and VO2 analysis

During this assessment expired gas is measured throughout to measure exercise economy. Following the lactate profile a maximal test is performed whereby the exercise intensity is increased until volitional exhaustion, at which point maximal VO2max is measured.

This is our most popular test ad suitable for amateur through to professional athletes looking to understand and improve their endurance performance. Measures gained from this profile include:

  • Lactate threshold
  • Lactate turnpoint
  • Heart rate training zones
  • Exercise economy
  • Maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max)

Level three: full physiological profile

This is our most comprehensive physiological assessment of endurance performance. This is suitable for amateur and professional athletes who want to understand and improve their endurance performance as well as obtaining detailed body composition and exercise metabolism data.

It includes a lactate profile and VO2 analysis as well as a body composition assessment via a skinfold assessment (Bod Pod assessment is available upon request and subject to availability) to accurately determine body fat levels as well as exercise metabolism data (eg. energy expenditure).

VO2max test

This test is suitable for anyone wishing to precisely measure their aerobic capacity for health or performance.

During this test, exercise intensity is gradually increased until volitional exhaustion, at which point maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) is measured. This measure provides an excellent measure of cardiorespitory health/fitness and is also a strong predictor of endurance performance. 

Triathlon package

This assessment is perfect for anyone looking to better understand their triathlon performance and guide future training. It will include two lactate profile + VO2 analysis (one running and one cycling), as well as a body composition assessment. Please be aware this will require two separate visits separated by at least 24 hours.


  • Level one (60-minutes): £115 (£126.50 at peak times)
  • Level two (90-minutes): £160 (£176 at peak times)
  • Level three (120-minutes): £230 (£253 at peak times)
  • VO2max test (30-minutes): £85 (£93.50 at peak times)
  • Triathlon package (does not include swimming): £320 (£352 at peak times)

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