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Environmental training

Our environmental chamber is capable of replicating conditions of both high altitude and temperature.

Environmental acclimation is a great way of improving performance in more challenging environmental conditions.

Heat acclimation

Exercise at a self-guided intensity within the environmental chamber, supervised by a sport scientist. Body mass is measure pre and post to calculate fluid loss and sweat rate.

Specific environmental conditions (heat and humidity) can be simulated within our environmental chamber (typical environmental session= 30-45°C).

Examples of events which athletes have prepared for in our environmental chamber include:

  • Marathon des Sables
  • Ironman Kona
  • Alpine cycling tours
  • Badwater California
  • Soccer/Lacrosse tournaments Colorado

Altitude acclimation

Altitude acclimation training improves coping and performance at altitude, and may also be useful in enhancing sea level performance.

Our environmental chamber uses a nitrogen enrichment system to simulate moderate or high altitude, thus imposing an additional training stimulus. Our chamber can re-create a simulated altitude of up to 5000 metres.

Anyone undergoing altitude training will be required to wear a pulse oximeter to measure oxygen saturation for safety concerns.


  • 55-minute session: £70 per athlete (£77 at peak times*)

*A limited number of appointments are available Monday-Friday 5pm-7pm and Saturday 9am-12pm. Bookings made at these times are subject to the peak rate charge.

Marathon Des Sables 2020 Offer

Get your fourth and more heat session at 15% off (£59.50) when you book between 1st February - 3rd April 2020. All sessions must be booked and taken between the outlined dates.

Arrange an appointment

Please enquire for availability by emailling or calling 020 8240 4070.