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Metabolic assessments

Metabolic testing is appropriate for a range of individuals from those not currently taking part in an exercise programme through to professional athletes.

It is used to accurately establish the following markers:

  • How many calories you burn during the day
  • How many calories you burn during exercise at different intensities
  • How your body uses carbohydrates and fats

Resting metabolic rate

During this assessment your oxygen consumption will be measured whilst at complete rest. This data determines the amount of energy (calories) your body uses at rest.

This information can be used to guide the amount of calories you require on a daily basis, which is useful for body composition goals, such as fat loss or increasing muscle mass.

Fat max test

Fat oxidation increases from low to moderate intensity exercise and progressively decreases as exercise intensity increases. The fat max test is an incremental exercise test whereby expired gas is measured throughout to measure carbohydrate and fat oxidation rates.

This test is useful for athletes wishing to train at intensities that maximise fat oxidation, for example athletes competing in endurance and aesthetic sports.


  • Resting metabolic rate (40-minutes): £105 (£115.50 at peak times)
  • Fat max test (90-minutes): £160 (£176 at peak times)

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