"I was very impressed with this free service. It helped motivate me to keep fit and active. I was thrilled to achieve my goals and I appreciate the time given to me freely by my supportive advisor."
LiveWell client

"I would like to write and say how happy I am that I was able to experience the LiveWell service in Sutton and Merton after my practice nurse told me about it. I had a 40 minute consultation with my Health Advisor and I explained I needed to diet but I could not afford a slimming club.

We worked out a plan. I wanted to lose 1-2 lbs a week, aiming for 1 stone in 12 weeks. I was given weekly food diaries to write my food intake down each day. My Health Advisor rings me each week to encourage me. She has even phoned me when I was on holiday! I have lost 12 lbs in 9 weeks so far. I feel really well, thank you very much.

I think LiveWell is a brilliant idea, I hope a lot more people take up the service."
LiveWell client

"I felt it was a good start to becoming more motivated to have a healthier lifestyle. I was pleased I met my goal."
LiveWell client

“We are progressing together rather than joining an established class that already has an increased fitness level.”
LiveWell client

“I have loved it. It’s nice to have something at work, as well as socialising. If it meant going to a gym I would not go.”
LiveWell client

“The fact that the Pilates class is at work, immediately after work is what inspired me to join. It couldn't be easier and it would be difficult to make excuses not to attend next week!”
LiveWell client

“It’s been fun doing the class with people from work that I knew by sight but did not really know.”
LiveWell client

“We’ve been able to offer staff many opportunities already to become more active.”
Sarah Wheatley - Workplace Health Champion for Activate Sutton and Merton PCT

“At Croydon Council we are committed to improving employee health and wellbeing. The Activate Your Workplace programme marks a big step towards achieving this goal.”
Janet Morrison - Workplace Health Champion for Activate Croydon Council

“Support from St Mary's has been invaluable to the Balance project and indeed the general well-being of employees.”
Ross Tselepis - Human Resources Consultant, Carphone Warehouse

“Colleagues ... view the initiative as a unique opportunity to improve their health and well-being during their working day.”
Laurel Joseph - Workplace Health Champion for Activate London Borough of Sutton