The Centre for Religion and History was set up in 2006. The Centre emerged from, and built on the work carried out by, St Mary’s Centre for Religious History which provided, until 2006, a focus for historical research in the School of Theology, Philosophy and History.

The newly-formed School of Arts and Humanities has active researchers in the areas of history, historiography and memory, sociology, politics, philosophy of history, religious and cultural history, history of drama, Irish history, international comparative history, history and culture of the Middle East, Palestinian and Israeli historiography, Ottoman and Islamic history, Jewish history, Byzantine history, oral history, the history of social movements, the history of liberation and eco-feminist theologies, modern American history, modern British history and both early modern and modern European history.

Mission, Aims and Objectives

  • Expanding history-based projects and promoting interdisciplinary research
  • Promoting excellence in research and scholarship on religion, history, culture and memory and encouraging historical research that is critical, innovative and based on a range of sound methodologies
  • Applying for external funding to support historical research within the University
  • Attracting research students
  • Supporting current and future Masters' programmes
  • Strengthening collaborative research with other British educational and research institutions
  • Organizing guest lectures, workshops, conferences, symposia, exchanges, film showings, arts exhibitions and other events
  • Encouraging inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary approaches to research and publications on religion and history
  • Serving as a forum for cross-religious meetings to exchange ideas and to promote interfaith dialogue