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The new research centre, based in the Faculty of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, has a distinct focus on the education of children and young adults who are not well-served by existing formal and traditional forms of education both in the UK and globally.

These include undocumented migrants, asylum seekers, refugees and internally displaced people, children and young people living in developing countries, fragile states and societies affected by conflict, children and young people involved in the youth justice system or in custody, young homeless people and looked after children (children in care), amongst others. 

The remit of the Centre includes research into state and non-state provision of education, including through the voluntary, charitable and private sectors. Questions of practice at the interface of education, well-being and employment are also an important focus.

The Centre aims to combine innovative and world-class research with practical engagement and social impact.  It is intended that the research of the Centre will contribute to academic literature in these fields, inform debate, influence public policy and improve education practice.

The wide-ranging and inclusive membership of the Centre, encompassing partnerships between academics, charities, governmental and non-governmental organisations and the business sector, provides an ideal environment to facilitate interchange between policy and practice.

Director of the Centre: Kathleen Fincham